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Credit Rebuilding With Our Buy Here Pay Here Financing

An impressive 85 percent of Americans know their credit scores by heart. In fact, the general awareness people have of their own credit standing has risen by 12 percent in the space of just one year, due in part to credit reports' easy accessibility.

You're entitled to request a free credit report from each of the three main credit bureaus — TransUnion, Equifax and Experian — once per year. That's more than enough to help you keep track of your credit status and, if need be, make informed changes to improve it.

But if your credit score is lower than you'd like, you might feel as if your life's on hold. After all, bad credit has the power to hold you back from getting that loan you want, or renting that great downtown apartment in the heart of the action.

Rebuilding your credit is the only way to gain that financial freedom, but how do you do that?

Eden Autos has the answer: Competitive Auto Loans for Every Customer

An auto loan is a simple but effective way to rebuild your credit and get behind the wheel of a quality pre-owned car at the same time.

This is ideal if you no longer have your car but find life without it harder. It's a real inconvenience, especially if you have a long commute or live in a rural area. A used car is an affordable way to get back on the road, without the often exorbitant prices attached to brand new models.

The team at Eden Autos has years of experience helping drivers with bad credit rebuild their scores. We operate a fair, accessible financing program that's open to everyone regardless of credit ratings, so if you've been turned down by banks and other lenders, you can depend on us to help you get on the right track!

Reliable Buy Here Pay Here Financing Program in Philadelphia

Eden Autos is a Buy Here Pay Here dealership, but what exactly does this mean to you?

It's simple: we'll extend you the loan and you just make your payments to us directly. There's no need to deal with a bank or other third-party. There's no stress or confusion.

Just a straightforward arrangement you can trust.

Our finance experts will take the time to get to know you, your current situation, your credit history and your budget. All this key information helps us find the best loan package for you and ensure you can afford your monthly payments.

We're a conscientious team here at Eden Autos: your personal details and financial issues will always be safe and secure.

And we'll always be transparent too, with honest staff and policies.

An Experienced Team Committed to Personalized Service

Eden Autos' team is dedicated to delivering personalized service every single time. When you stop by our Philadelphia Buy Here Pay Here dealership, you'll receive a warm welcome and a genuine smile.

That's because we care. And because we have a passion to provide unbeatable service, a mouth-watering selection of vehicles and ongoing support for every customer.

We'll show you the pre-owned cars most suited to your driving habits, your lifestyle, your environment and your budget. This might not always be easy, but as our sales experts know our inventory inside-out they'll to put you in the right seat.

We have well over 100 vehicles in stock, including models from the leading brands. You can expect to see cars from manufacturers like:

Our range varies, but rest assured: we only put quality vehicles up for sale at Eden Autos. We stock late-model used cars, and each is inspected thoroughly by a professional to give you complete peace of mind.

Choose our Buy Here Pay Here financing to start rebuilding your credit with an amazing deal today. You'll watch your score improve while you're enjoying the luxury of a stylish pre-owned car — what more could you ask for?

Take Advantage of Zero Down Buy Here Pay Here Financing

Eden Autos operates a highly-competitive zero down Buy Here Pay Here financing system for our customers. This is ideal for anyone experiencing money struggles and in need of a quality used car — you'll be able to drive away today!

Our zero down Buy Here Pay Here financing starts you on the road to rebuilding your credit in a fast, simple way. You'll keep making payments to us on time, each and every month for the duration of the loan term. While you do this, you'll enjoy all the independence your pre-owned car brings!

If you're not sure how zero down Buy Here Pay Here works, don't worry: we'll be happy to talk you through the process and show you why it's such a popular choice for so many drivers.

We'll give you all the essential information you need to understand how your financing is managed when you visit Eden Autos. Our financial specialists invest in every customer's story, and are truly driven to help you rebuild your credit for a brighter future.

This commitment is a core element of our daily work. We care about the cars we sell, the people we serve and maintaining our reputation in the local community (not to mention further afield!).

We never settle for second best.

Choose from a Huge Range of Quality Used Vehicles

Are you looking for a particular make or model? Maybe you'll only get behind the wheel of a BMW or Hyundai?

Every driver has their own habits. Every customer has their own tastes and goals. And that's great — we understand. After all, we're drivers too!

That's why we strive to maintain one of the most impressive inventories of quality used cars in Philadelphia. We undertake intensive checks and tests on each vehicle we stock, to guarantee you real value for money on every single purchase.

This is paramount to us. Buying a car — even an affordable pre-owned one — is a big financial commitment. You expect the vehicle to do exactly what it should from the moment you start the engine.

We know how much getting a top car at a fair rate means to you. We've got you covered.

Arranging your Buy Here Pay Here financing makes it faster and simpler to help you pick out a car. We'll discuss your monthly expenses, your expectations for how your finances may change during the loan term, and more. We'll get an insight into the makes and models you have in mind too.

But we never assume we know more about any car than you do. Unlike many other dealerships, our sales professionals NEVER put pressure on you to buy a specific vehicle — we're just not built that way.

You'll receive honest service and we'll work to earn your trust. We'll listen to any questions, queries or comments you have during your time with us, no matter what they might be.

A Buy Here Pay Here Dealership with a Reputation for Excellence

Over the years, Eden Autos has worked incredibly hard to build a reputation for excellence and cultivate a loyal customer-base.

We take great pride in helping drivers from across Philadelphia and beyond rebuild their credit. Times can be hard for all of us at one time or another. Your credit score can drop before you even realize, whether because you've missed a few payments or you just couldn't afford to make rent on time.

Or maybe you're looking for your first car and have no credit at all! This is a common problem for young drivers who just want to hit the road but can't secure a loan from traditional lenders. They may feel left behind when their friends all have their own vehicles and can start living their own lives.

Buy Here Pay Here financing takes all that into account. We don't believe a low credit score should have the power to hold you back from buying that car you depend on to drive your family safely. We don't believe denying you that convenience or freedom just because of a few numbers attached to your name is the right thing to do.

That was our view when we started offering zero down Buy Here Pay Here financing. And that's still our view now. 

Rebuilding your credit with Eden Autos is as straightforward as it can be. We're always here to answer your questions and help you understand exactly how the process works.

Get Pre-Approved for Zero Down Buy Here Pay Here Financing Online

Want to kick your Buy Here Pay Here financing off? It's simple — and you can even get pre-approved online! It takes just seconds.

Head over to our application page and fill the form in. We just ask for the obvious details (name, date of birth etc.) and keep it all streamlined for fast submission.

We'll get back to you and get the ball rolling as soon as we can. And don't worry about this affecting your credit score either. Unlike applying for other forms of credit, just completing this page for Eden Autos won't push your rating down any lower.

If you need any assistance with this part of the process, please don't hesitate to reach out to our friendly team. Just pick up the phone, text us or even drop into our dealership now!

Browse Our Inventory of Quality Used Cars Online

Want to check out our selection of vehicles before you apply for financing with Eden Autos? Looking to get an idea of which makes and models we offer at our dealership?

No Problem!

Our online inventory features dozens of amazing deals at diverse prices. You'll find what you're looking for within seconds thanks to our in-depth filtering options: browse by price, mileage, year, and more to narrow your search down.

You can even take a look at our cars by choosing CARFAX 1-Owner, No Accidents Reported, Personal Use and Service History as filters too. We've also included a helpful Payment Calculator designed to make figuring your ideal loan amount, loan term and monthly costs simple as well.

Each of the cars listed in our online inventory features plenty of photos and all the details you have to know. Learn about the vehicle's interior, transmission, engine, mileage and everything else that matters.

Not satisfied with your choice of car? Our 5-Day Money Back Guarantee means you can bring your car back for a refund or exchange within your first five days of ownership, with no questions asked. We want every customer to feel happy with your purchase. We want every customer to feel reassured that we're a Buy Here Pay Here dealership that's on your side.

Managing Your Buy Here Pay Here Financing

Your Buy Here Pay Here financing is easy to manage and keep track of. Our team has helped countless customers from Philadelphia and the surrounding area secure dependable financing for a quality used car. People of diverse ages and lifestyles have walked through our doors and left in their ideal vehicle, with financing they can afford.

During your loan term, staying on top of your Buy Here Pay Here arrangement is convenient and fast. You have to bear other expenses in mind (gas, replacement tires, insurance etc.) but we'll factor these little essentials in when organizing your loan.

As you can see, we take what we do seriously and work hard to stay at the top of our game.

Enjoyed your experience with Eden Autos? Have friends you think could benefit from our Buy Here Pay Here financing? Take advantage of our Referral Program!

Refer between one and four friends to our team, and we'll give you $200 per referral. Refer five to nine friends for $400 per referral, or even 10+ friends for $600 per referral.

You'll have more money to play with. Your friends will get outstanding service, great financing and a fantastic used car. Everyone wins.

Call us now on 215-698-9996 to learn more about our Buy Here Pay Here financing and how it can help you rebuild your credit!

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