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Most Affordable Cars in Camden New Jersey

Used cars in Camden, NJ continue to be strong sellers in these pandemic-afflicted times. A surplus of pre-owned cars, trucks, and SUVs are providing consumers a budget with money-saving alternatives to new models that are currently in shorter supply than normal due to COVID-19-related shutdowns earlier this year.

Of course, buying a used car in Camden, New Jersey, can come with relentless researching as you also want to choose a model that is not only affordable but also safe on the roads.

So here are some of the safest yet affordable used cars you can buy.


If you’re looking for a reliable used car Camden, NJ, and fuel economy is also a priority, why not consider the Toyota Prius? The Prius was the country’s first mainstream hybrid and has 25 years of development behind it to perfect the formula, and in 2012, fuel economy was 49 mpg in the city and 46 on the highway. The Prius has also earned a reputation for being long-lived.

It can be pricier than some other used cars in Camden New Jersey, but it has a generous spec, plus the cabin is spacious and there's plenty of boot space, which also makes it a viable family car.


The Honda Civic has long been known to be reliable, efficient, and fun to drive at any speed. Model-year 2013 is a good place to begin your search because that is when air conditioning, a backup camera, Bluetooth, and a USB port became a standard on this model. Not only is the Honda Civic fuel-efficient, it is widely known that the Civic is dead-on reliable. In fact, Consumer Reports rated the Honda Civic with “better” reliability ratings throughout the past generation and Repairpal.com gave the car a 4.5 out of 5 ratings for reliability.


When you think of compact cars, the Toyota Corolla will probably come to mind! The Corolla is a nameplate that has been around for decades. Every generation of Corolla reinforces its reputation for quality, low-cost operation, and affordability. Corollas are known for being built to last, making it a great option for an affordable used car in Camden, NJ.

The annual repair cost average, according to repairpal.com's consumer-based data, is $362. The Corolla also has fewer instances of issues as well. And, for those cases of reported issues, hardly any of them were ranked as severe.


The Ford Fusion was first launched in 2005 and can be considered one of the most popular cars in the USA. The Ford Fusion has won numerous awards including the ‘car of the year’ around the world for years. It provides composed handling and a smooth ride, and its cabin has plenty of space across two rows of comfortable seats. It has a large trunk, and many of its features are easy to use. So, if you want a car that looks good, drives great and is largely available near Camden, New Jersey, then the Ford Fusion could be for you.


Since 1976, the Honda Accord has been another best seller across the states thanks to it being great value for money. The Honda Accord scored highly on the NHTSA ratings for safety and has won countless awards. They say that if you want a car that will just keep going, then get a Honda Accord!

One of the other reasons that the Honda Accord is so popular is due to the fact that there are many engine and transmission combinations available, especially in the used car market in Camden, New Jersey. The sport models of the Accord are available in both manual and automatic transmission. If you are wanting a two-door car, then the Accord Coupe with a V6 engine may be a good choice for you!


As of late 2019, 17 out of 20 station wagons purchased in the USA were Subaru Outbacks (ref Road & Track). In sales units, that’s 180,000 vehicles! So what makes the Subaru Outback so popular?

Reviewers at Car and Driver loved the Outback. They gave the 2020 model year a 9/10 rating and the Editors’ Choice award for Best Station Wagon.

This model is not only great for transporting families across Camden, New Jersey, but has a very generous cargo space. But like a hatchback or a station wagon, the Subaru Outback has a relatively low point of entry, making it easy for passenger access and for loading cargo. This characteristic gives it an edge over certain taller SUVs.


The Kia Soul first launched in 2010 amidst other competitors at the time like the Nissan Cube and Scion xB. Those other two cars are now discontinued, but the Soul is still in production but with a sleeker new aesthetic that includes wraparound tail lights and squinty headlights. The Kia Soul’s box-like shape is very practical as it offers a large amount of head and legroom for up to five passengers and has a low step-in height that makes a great vehicle for baby-boomers and their grandkids.

Kia priced the Soul model well in the sub $20,000 range as their base model starts at just $17,500. Although their prices have increased slightly over the years, buying a used Kia Soul in Camden, New Jersey, will certainly hit the sweet-spot when it comes to affordability.


Many people in Camden, New Jersey are turning to the midsize SUV market for a family vehicle, and there are plenty to choose from. The Toyota Highlander really stands out from the crowd as it has remained not only consistent but reliable for a number of years. The Highlander boasts a roomy interior and an inexpensive cost, it's no wonder it stands out in the SUV market.

Highlander models that were made between 2008 and 2013 are a great place to start when looking for a used SUV. During this time, the appearance and interior of the Highlander were improved by Toyota to look more sleek and refined. If you’re not sure, then take a look at some Consumer Reports here.

We hope you enjoyed our blog whilst on your search for used cars Camden, NJ. Feel free to get in touch with us so we can help you find the perfect used car near Camden here at Eden Autos!

What Car Style Body is Best for You

What car body style is best for you?

When looking for used cars Philadelphia, it can be hard to decide what shape to go for.
With so many sizes, shapes and styles to choose from, it's hardly surprising that many Philadelphia motorists are taken aback by the variety of cars on offer.
From Hatchbacks to saloons to MPVs and SUVs, there are many different shapes out there, so making sense of what is available to you when you're on your search for used cars in Philadelphia can be very time-consuming. Here at Eden Autos, we've put together a blog to help you decide what car body style is best for you to help make your search for used cars Philadelphia easier.

Coupe's are traditionally two-door cars with a solid roof and trunk. A classic coupe car would be the Ford Mustang, for example. Some coupes are two-seater sports cars like the Chevy Camaro or the Dodge Challenger. However, what can be confusing, is that car manufacturers have started to label four-door cars and crossovers as coupes. So be sure to double-check how many seats you're looking for when you're thinking of buying a coupe from a used car dealer in Philadelphia.

Great if you're looking for a car with a sportier look
More stylish
Fuel costs aren't too high
4 Door coupes are available

Not great for families due to limited space in the back
More expensive to buy
Not as spacious

A sedan has four doors and a trunk; however, they are available in many different sizes depending on what you need. Sizes can include small (like the Kia Cerato or a Mazda 3), medium (like the Toyota Camry or a Honda Accord), to larger sizes like the Toyota Avalon and the Volvo S90. Sedan's are a popular option for many as they usually have four doors, so they are a great option if you have kids that need easy access to enter and exit the back seats. Compared to a coupe where your occupants would have to crawl through past the front seats to enter and exit the vehicle. If you're going to be carpooling or have plans to have a family, a sedan is an excellent option for you.

More fuel-efficient compared to trucks and SUVs.
Spacious interior
Usually equipped with excellent safety features

Not as flashy compared to other vehicles
Not as good for hauling as trucks or SUVs
Full-sized sedans may not be a good option for those living in areas with small and limited parking.

Station Wagon
Station Wagons are very similar to sedans and SUVs, which can be confusing. Station Wagons have an extended roofline and a hatch door at the rear instead of the trunk. The availability of station wagons has declined over the years. However, there are still models such as the Mercedes-Benz E450, and the Audi A6 All-Road are still available and have been listed by Forbes as one of the best station wagons you can buy in 2021.

Most have the additional capacity to seat more than five people
Roomy interior
Much lighter compared to SUVs

Tend to have higher maintenance costs
Their elongated body style can make it difficult to park
They are very quickly becoming replaced with SUVs or Sedans

Sports Car
You guessed it; sports cars are the sportiest, hottest and coolest-looking vehicles on the roads. They are often convertibles that are very low to the ground, sleek, and very costly to run. Some great examples of sports cars are the Porshe 911, Ford Mustang, and the Ferrari 458. Of course, some are higher-end than others, but no doubt will still catch the attention of those walking by in the street.
These cars are designed to be fun and flashy, which means practicality goes out the window.

Greater acceleration and performance
Stylish and eye-catching
Some models can hold their investment, which is perfect if you plan to sell your car later on

Expensive to repair
Expensive to purchase
Not practical for everyday driving

Hatchbacks are also known as 'compacts' or 'subcompacts' and have a squared-off roof and a rear flip-up hatch door that provides ease of access. Hatchbacks also give you the ability to fold down the rear seats so that you can have extra boot space, making them an excellent option for running your errands in and around Philadelphia.Some great hatchbacks include the Volkswagen Golf or the Chevy Bolt. Get your used car Philadelphia hatchback today at Eden Autos.

Great for pet owners as you can fit their cages in the back
Foldable seats for extra boot space
Great for new drivers
Great for mileage

Easy to see what's stored inside the cargo area, making them a potential target for thieves
Due to U.S. consumers' aversion to hatchbacks, you might find a better selection at dealerships for certain sedans than a similarly sized hatchback.

If the roof retracts into the body, leaving the passenger cabin open to the elements, then it's a convertible. Most convertibles have a fully powered fabric roof that folds down, but a few have to be lowered by hand. There are also several models with a retractable hardtop, like the Mazda MX-5 Miata RF, Porsche 911 Targa; only the forward section of their roofs retracts or can be removed by hand.

Stylish and flashy
Great for hot weather

Not great if you live in a state with bad weather
It can cost on average over $3,000 more than an SUV or Hatchback
Not great for fuel economy

Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs)
SUVs are often referred to as crossovers and tend to be taller than sedans as they offer an elevated seating position. They include a station wagon-like cargo area that can be accessed through a flip-up rear hatch door, and many provide all-wheel drive. Larger SUV models can have three rows of seats. Sizes start at subcompact (like the Jeep Renegade and the Mini Cooper Countryman), mid-size, and go all the way to full-size (like the Ford Expedition and the Chevy Suburban).

Great for driving in bad weather
It can be more durable than most vehicles
Great for towing

Not environmentally friendly
It uses more gas than a sedan
Tend to cost more to purchase

Trucks (also known as 'pickups'), like many other cars, have a passenger cab and then an open cargo bed at the back.
Almost all pickups have all-wheel drive and higher elevation for seating, meaning they are great for towing, off-roading and driving in treacherous conditions. Currently, pickup trucks come in two size categories: full-size and mid-size.

Great for towing
Great for those living in states with bad weather
Higher ground clearance

Not great for mpg
It can be costly to maintain
Can have a 'stiffer' ride

We hope the information above has helped you to decide what body style of car will suit you best while searching for used cars in Philadelphia.
Here at Eden Autos, we're more than happy to accommodate you and your needs when looking for used cars in Philadelphia. So get in contact with us today!

Compare Costs Buy New Car vs. Used

Buying used car Philadelphia can save you thousands upfront and over cycles of ownership, but buying new has other advantages.

While buying new cars is enticing, you should take a cold, hard look at how much you could save over time by buying used cars instead.

The average person owns 13 cars in a lifetime, each costing an average of $30,000, according to a report by the National Automobile Dealers Association. If each of those cars was 3 years old, instead of new, you could save nearly $130,000 during your lifetime.

The real money-saver in buying a used car is wrapped up in a sinister-sounding financial word: depreciation.

Car buying’s dirty little secret

Once you fully understand how car depreciation sucks money out of your wallet, you’ll learn how to save boatloads of cash over your lifetime. You often hear that a car loses 20% of its value as soon as you buy it. Yes, in just one minute, a $30,000 car will lose $6,000 as you gleefully drive off. By the end of the first year, mileage and wear and tear could bring that to 30%, or $9,000. Why don’t you feel this big hit? Because it takes effect much later, when you sell or trade in your car.

Take a look at two similar cars, one new and one used.

New-car depreciation: You buy the car for $30,000 and sell it three years later for $15,000. The car has cost you $15,000 in depreciation.

used-car depreciation: Now let’s say you buy the same car, but it's 3 years old when you buy it. You could buy the car for $15,000. Three years later you could sell it for $10,000. So the used car depreciation cost you only $5,000.

Now, if you’re paying attention, you would quickly say, “But driving a brand new car is much better!” You’re absolutely right. So, if driving a new car is worth an extra $10,000 to you, go for it. But don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Forget the old used cars Philadelphia stigmas

It used to be common for people to put down used cars by saying that it was just a way to buy someone else’s problems. That’s not true anymore. Here are two updates on old knocks against used cars of recent vintage.

Reliability: Cars have never been more dependable than they are today. It’s not uncommon for some cars to deliver more than 100,000 miles before needing major repairs.

Maintenance: All cars require regular maintenance such as oil changes, tire rotation, brake jobs. But you can drive today’s cars much farther in between these scheduled maintenance visits. Even tires and brake pads last much longer than before.

More used-car advantages

So it’s pretty clear that buying a used car is much cheaper and that cars in general are more dependable. But take a look at these other advantages:

Lower car insurance rates: When a vehicle is worth less, it costs less to insure it when you're buying collision and comprehensive coverage. You can also drop collision and comprehensive coverage, which pay for repairs to your car, and save even more.

Registry renewals are cheaper: The cost of registering a used car goes down every year.

Move up to a luxury car: Because you can save 30% or more, you can shop in a higher class of cars.

Less stress: Got a ding in the door? Who cares? But when it’s the first dent in your new car, it’s a huge bummer.

New-car advantages

While nearly everything about used cars costs less, buying a new car has its advantages.

New-car shopping is easier: All new cars are assumed to be perfect, so evaluating the condition isn’t a factor. No need to take it to a mechanic. Also, it’s easier to figure out what you should pay for a new car, even if the negotiation process is still a pain.

More used-car options: Automakers offer plenty of incentives to lure buyers, such as cash rebates. New car loans have better interest rates. This means you'll likely pay thousands of dollars less than the frightening sticker price once you negotiate a final price and apply the incentives.

Advanced technology: New features for comfort, performance and safety are introduced in new cars every year. You’ll need to wait several years to get them in used cars.

Peace of mind: A new car will likely be more reliable than a used one, even though pre-owned cars are much more dependable than in the past. If a new car breaks down, you can have it fixed for free under the included factory warranty, at least for the first 36,000 miles or three years that most carmakers offer.

Prestige: Let’s put it this way: You don’t hear many people bragging about the used car they just bought.

An exception to the rule

Not all cars depreciate at the same rate. Some brands are known for holding their value exceptionally well. When you add in possible new-car incentives and low-interest used-car, there are times when buying a new car doesn’t cost much more than buying a 1- or 2-year-old car.

You can find how much cars depreciate on several automotive websites, such as Kelley Blue Book’s 5-Year Cost to Own or Consumer Reports’ Cost of Vehicle Ownership.

What it means for you

Depreciation is a silent killer to your automotive budget. But by buying cars that hold their value, you can minimize the effects. If you’re still on the fence, use a car loan calculator to see how much less your monthly payment would be if you bought used instead of new.

Article Originally published on Nerdwallet.comBy Philip Reed

Philadelphia Used Cars 2021

Why you should Opt out for buying a Used Car in Philadelphia in 2021!

The world as we know it has changed drastically in the previous year and a half. The pandemic has been on a high roller coaster ever since, showing us different signs of it every month. As the uncertainties grow higher, car dealerships in Philadelphia have agreed that 2021 may be absolutely the best year for you to invest in that car you've been eyeing for some time.

The viral pandemic has triggered a significant drop of the prices as the demand has seen a significant collapse since the pandemic started and the deals you can achieve with different dealerships just got more favorable for you! However, buying a brand new car means that your credit score still needs to be very good. Lowering the price depends a lot from day to day, what season it is and your ability to negotiate. This way will require quite some time and hassle from your side.

Buying a used car, on the other hand, can save you some time, help you avoid potential problems and bad looks while you explain why your credit score isn't perfect, and give you the car of your dreams.

Here are our TOP 5 reasons why you should choose to buy used cars in Philadelphia right now!

1. Prices of used cars in Philadelphia just got more affordable!

Prices for used cars soared during the previous months. All over the country the Auto industry has seen a drastic incline in the demand of these vehicles, which made them super expensive, with some models reaching even 50% bigger prices... up until now.

In the beginning of April, as the new vaccines were introduced and pandemic looked like it was going down the hill, the demand and supply became aligned again with many Dealerships putting popular models back to stock!

This means that the price for a used car is now the same as it was last year. There is no insurance on until when these prices will stay like this, as the climax last year was reached in the beginning of summer. Moreover, when compared to brand new cars - used ones are even up to 50% cheaper! The price of an average new vehicle jumped 6% between January of last year, before the coronavirus erupted in the United States, and December to a record $40,578, according to data from Edmunds.com.

Industry is starting to recover, which means new cars are only getting up the value chart as of now. The prices are predicted to hit record high since the Corona hit, which gives us one more reason to opt up for a used car this spring.

2.Act fast before the model you want sells out

Stocks are clearing out with a speed of light across the city. Dealerships are again seeing the incline in the demand with popular models being sold out within a day or two.

If you already know what model you are after, the best advice we can give you is go get it right now. The more you wait, the bigger probability is that someone is going to snatch it. The ever growing demand has left the buyers no other option then to go for the ones less favorable and reliable.

In order to be compliant with the Corona regulations we do propose browsing the internet before going to the dealership itself. Most of them got their offers online when the pandemic hit, so you will be able to compare different models, prices and ways of payment.

Many car Dealerships have stepped up to help you with buying and leasing processes that can be done entirely online and home delivery options that eliminate the need to visit showrooms.

This is also a faster method of getting your desired ride, plus it enables you to reserve your used car so no one else can buy it.

3.Credit Score limit is more flexible for used cars

A credit score is a number between 300 and 850 that represents the credit history information in your credit report. Most consumers have credit histories at each of the three major credit reporting bureaus – Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion.

For used car dealerships it represents your creditworthiness, which is the likelihood you will pay back any money you borrow. The lowest credit score threshold has been changing since March last year. During the first few months of pandemics the demand for cars went way down, which pushed this limit way lower than it ever was. A poor credit score is, in normal circumstances, 300 to 579, while the fair category encompasses the range from 580 to 669. During the pandemic the fair category actually went all the way down to 350 at which point the loans were approved. Nevertheless, the brand new car loans still require great credit scores, which is why many people opt out for used cars. Philadelphia Dealerships are right now offering great offers for these loans so do take advantage of them while they last.

When looking out to get a loan make sure you know how much you can afford and read the small letter. There are a lot of scams going on out there so make sure to do anything to stay safe, Do your research and calculations. One more thing you can try is make a bigger down payment. A down payment can offset the interest, taxes, and fees and widen the selection of vehicles you can choose from.

4. Generous incentive offers

This is one of the great things that automakers and their Dealerships did during the pandemics. They started offering generous incentive possibilities.

If you can afford it, now is an excellent time to get a great deal from a dealer eager to meet sales goals. If you’re looking for a popular car brand, though, you’ll want to move quickly, as dealer inventory of popular models continues to be slim due to extended auto plant closures, model changeovers, and supply chain disruptions.

Several automakers have created discount programs to include health care workers. Ford, for example, gives eligible medical professionals and their families a $500 discount, in addition to whatever other incentives are available on a vehicle.

Ford used car dealerships also took over these incentives.

5. Popular models are back in stock

Lastly, if you want one of the popular models, a big number of used car dealerships in Philadelphia put their best sellers back in stock. Most of them are still on discounted prices so if you hurry you will be able to get a pretty good deal for a car you want.

As we mentioned in the beginning of the article, during the pandemic the best sellers were pulled back from the dealership offer because of the rapid price devaluation. Now that the things are starting to go for the better, dealerships saw their chance and pulled them back as an ace from their sleeve. Luckily for all of us they still do understand that the financial situation for a lot of American is very unfavorable so the discounts are still ongoing. The situation may change any minute now so do take fast but smart actions.

There you have it. 5 reasons to buy used cars and to buy them right now! We live in the rapidly changing fast paced world with no signs of slowing down. Discounts are happening, favorable incentives and good cars are still here, so why not take advantage of the possible best deals you could get even compared to the pre Corona times. Make sure to check all of the paperwork before signing it and have a happy shopping this spring.

Philadelphia Used Car Dealership- Best Road Trips

Road trips are always an adventure and an exciting journey. Here at Eden Autos, we came up with the top 7 places to visit near Philadelphia in your buy here pay here automobile.

1. New Hope, PA
45 minutes away from Philadelphia

New Hope is a beautiful scenic small town that is adjacent to the Delaware River. Main Street in New Hope is well known with plenty to do and see and has been featured in numerous publications such as Travel + Leisure and USA Today! New Hope has lovely shops, lodges and restaurants throughout the town. In particular Peddler’s Village is a hot destination and a must-see. At Peddlers Village you will discover beautiful plants surrounding the village along with countless boutique shops, restaurants, jewelry, clothing, coffee shops, ice cream shops, candy stores, and even a cupcake shop! During the holidays Peddlers Village is decorated and there are events created for family and friends. Sometimes you will see a couple getting their wedding photoshoot at the gazebo or by the stunning flowers. I promise you won’t be upset when visiting such a versatile beautiful and fun destination. Make sure to arrive in our Volkswagen where you can store all the new goodies from shopping at Peddlers Village in New Hope.

2. North Wildwood, NJ
2 hours from Philadelphia

North Wildwood, New Jersey is definitely one of the hot destinations to visit during the summer months. Whether you are looking for a fun time at a bar, ride the rollercoasters on the boardwalk, relax at the beach, fish by the bay, eat seafood by the water, or watch the Italian festival where there are culturally enthusiastic bands and vibrant food, North Wildwood is one of the best beaches to visit in Jersey. Near 1st street you can find a strip of bars and restaurants, one of them called Flip-Flopz where you can hop in their roof deck pool that offers food and drink service while smelling the aroma of the Atlantic Ocean across the street. With your buy here pay here in Philadelphia auto dealer Eden Autos, you can be sure to drive securely with one of our used cars and visit the exciting beachy town of North Wildwood. Whether it’s a daycation or a weeks’ vacation, Eden Auto used cars in Philadelphia is a good option for your trip there. North Wildwood is full of restaurants, bars, boardwalk fun, beach cruisers and unlimited positive energy. Everyone is at the beach to relax and have fun. It is a great time and we at Eden Autos, highly recommend visiting...particularly in one of our Jeeps because it’s the beach and who doesn’t love riding in a jeep in the summer with the wind blowing while blasting the one and only Bob Marley?

3. Annapolis, Maryland
2 hours from Philadelphia

Annapolis, Maryland is another snazzy destination to visit because of its versatile architecture from over four centuries. This upbeat historic but contemporary town has roads that all lead to the water. The nautical heritage connects the Chesapeake Bay with restaurants and boats throughout the neighborhood. Head on over to Main Street from Church Circle to City Dock and you’ll run into dozens of locally-owned fashion boutiques, culturally rich gift shops hidden between pubs, art galleries and historic inns. Many of these shop owners either make these items themselves or import them from far-off lands, just as town merchants have been doing in the past 350 years. Hop in one of Eden Autos used cars, perhaps one of our buy here pay here BMWs and ride to the historic land, culturally rich and Chesapeake fun in Annapolis, Maryland.

4. Hersey, PA
2 hours from Philadelphia

Hersey, PA is another enjoyable place to visit near Philadelphia in your buy here pay here Philadelphia car from Eden Autos! Just be sure not to get chocolate in your new used car as Hersey is the Chocolate capital of the world. Since Hersey is known for its “sweetest place on earth”, cut down on those sweets before visiting this sugary destination because Hersey Park is the land of Chocolate. Enjoy a Hersey’s chocolate milkshake with whipped cream and Hersey chocolate chunks that will bring joy to your taste buds, or during the summer visit Hersey Park for rides, the water park, as well as their newest coaster Candymonium and modern dining & shopping locations inside Hersey’s Chocolatetown. Indulge in a chocolate candy cane body wrap, massage or Hersey dark chocolate treatments at Meltspa by Hersey. When visiting this chocolatey greatness, we recommend riding in our buy here pay here Nissan to get you there. Nissan provides several options whether small or large!

5. Rehoboth Beach, Delaware
2 hours from Philadelphia

Rehoboth Beach is a popular place to visit throughout the year due to its mile long boardwalk, known as one of the city’s best attractions and one of the “Top U.S. Boardwalks” according to National Geographic Magazine. Rehoboth Beach has a diversity of shops, dining, family amusements, and businesses. This tax-free shopping destination is a place where you can enjoy your time at the beach then buy a souvenir within walking distance from the ocean. Not only does Rehoboth include 30 mile pristine coastline, the town also includes nature parks and recreational activities for all ages including kayaking, nature cruises, ferry rides, paddle boarding, surfing, skimboarding, walking trails, sailing and more. In addition to the recreational activities, Rehoboth offers live performing arts making this stay a versatile one. Furthermore, Dewey Beach is just a short walk away from Rehoboth Beach offering beach sports and activities, nightlife, live music, bon fires on the beach and family fun activities. What more can you ask for? On this ride, we at Eden Autos suggest cruising in one of our bigger buy here pay here Chevy used cars so you have enough room for family, friends and souvenirs!

6. The Poconos, PA
2 hours from Philadelphia

The Poconos is an admirable place to visit for many Philadelphians. Not only are there mind blowing views of the mountains but there are beautiful waterfalls you can find hidden in the woods. The Poconos is popular all year around as there are numerous activities in each season. Whether it’s hiking in the spring or snowboarding in the winter, the Poconos is a great choice to travel with your used car from Eden Autos. A great place to stay in the Poconos is Skytop Lodge. This beautiful 5,500-acre playground offers anything from guided hiking trails to yoga classes to photography classes to bike riding through the woods! It’s a beautiful lodge with countless fun activities to do with family and friends. If you are more interested in camping or want another option, check out keen lake where you can set up a tent, rent a cottage, or try glamping! Feel free to rent a kayak or canoe or go swimming in the pool or lake. The world is yours. On this excursion we recommend taking a look at one of our buy here pay here Jeeps. You will be going up and down a lot of hills. Enjoy the ride!

7. Lake George, New York
4.5 hours from Philadelphia

Lake George, New York is a bit further from Philadelphia than the other locations listed here. However, it is a MUST SEE. Lake George’s jewel-blue stream runs roughly 32.19 miles in the heart of the beautiful mountainous Adirondacks. Take a ride in one of our 4 wheel drive Nissans to work your way up the alpine slopes. During the summer you can take a boat ride with friends and family or hop on a cruise for a romantic night with your partner. There are also a ton of restaurants, breweries, unique lodging, and activities for children. Find a getaway and lodge at the waterfront or save some money and bring a tent to go camping. Feel like getting physical? Go on a hike or take a rock climbing class! There is also an air adventure where you and your loved ones can go in a hot air balloon. This beautiful, fun hot spot is a go to vacation spot. Even in the winter you can enjoy snowboarding or skiing, ice skating as the lakes and streams become ice skating rinks. At Lake George, the world is yours! Go to town as there is plenty to do! Chat with one of our customer service reps at Eden Autos and we will be sure to offer you the best buy here pay here vehicle for your travels.

Now that you know 7 AMAZING places to travel to near Philadelphia, consider the conditions and we will get you the best used car for sale in Philadelphia here at Eden Autos. Our buy here pay here Philadelphia location offers a variety of makes and models. We are the best Philadelphia used car dealership because we offer $0 down, 5-day money back guarantee, bumper-to-bumper warranty and only sell quality vehicles. Contact our service rep today at 215-698-9996 or get pre-qualified here.

Small Signs it is Time for Car Repairs

Repairing your car can be a costly endeavor, especially the longer problems are allowed to sit and fester. Sometimes it may not be completely obvious that your car is in need of auto repairs or maintenance, and when a problem does make itself apparent, it can seem like it popped up out of nowhere. However, there are usually signs that indicate a problem is occurring or is imminent. Paying attention to the small signs your car is giving you can end up saving you a bunch of money down on the road on costly repairs and maintenance issues. So let’s explore some of the small signs that you may not have noticed before that indicate that it is time for your car to get repaired or tuned up. 


One of the very first indications that your car is in need of repair or maintenance are new or strange sounds that occur while operating your car. A whining or squealing sounds that occurs when you brake, generally indicates the need for new brake pads. This is a minor maintenance job that needs to be performed regularly to keep your car running safely and smoothly. If you allow your brake pads to go untreated for too long, you may end up damaging your cars’ rotors and calipers too and end up with a very costly repair on your hands. If you hear a clunking or banging sound when driving your car, there may be a loose component somewhere. This is a sound that should not be ignored. Make a service appointment for your car as soon as possible because you don’t want to be driving your car when there are loose components moving around. You could do serious damage to your car and end up paying a fortune in repairs. If you’re hearing a new noise that your car has never made before, don’t wait to seek repairs. These issues will not go away on their own, and the longer you wait to address it the more serious and costly your problem will become. 

Fuel Efficiency 

This can be a hard thing to notice especially if the difference is small, but if your car is getting less mileage per gallon than it used to, you should bring it in for a service appointment and tune up. The more significant the drop in your fuel efficiency, the more serious your problem is. Engine operation, emissions efficiency, and wheel alignment could all be possible culprits behind a reduced fuel efficiency in your car. You don’t want to wait until you fail an emissions test, or your engine breaks down completely before you address this serious issue. You may not even notice other sounds, smells, etc, but if your car is drastically less efficient with fuel than it used to be bring it in. Your vehicle is a big interconnected system of moving parts. When one aspect of this system starts to go wrong it can have dire consequences for the rest of the car. 


Use your nose! If you smell an odor while driving your car it is likely that you are in need of car repairs. The repairs could be minor or they could be major, but the longer you wait the worse the problem will get. Some of the more common odors you may smell from your car are a sweet sugary smell, a burning smell, or a rancid odor smell. If your odor is sweet and sugary smelling, you are most likely dealing with a coolant leak. This could be an issue with your radiator or other cooling components. The bottom line is that you don’t want to leave this untreated. Without proper cooling mechanisms your engine will overheat and get damaged costing you a lot more than your initial coolant leak would have. A burning smell is, you guessed it, indicative of something burning. Generally, it is a sign that you need to get your clutch repaired, but it could also be a problem with your engine, heater, or brakes. You should not drive your car if you smell something burning. Get immediate attention. 


Your car requires a number of different fluids to make sure it is properly functioning. It is not normal to see fluid leaking from anywhere in your car. Even if the only thing leaking from your car is water, it is still a sign that you may have a larger problem on your hands. Leaks that are left untreated for a long enough period of time can do serious damage to your car, and make it unsafe to drive. If you spot a little leak, make an appointment to fix it. You will spend a lot less on minor leak repair than you will if you let the leak go on long enough to cause your car serious damage.

Hard to Start 

Do you struggle to get your engine to turn over? Do you dread starting your car for fear you may not be able to? Chances are this problem is minor and easy to fix! Regular maintenance and tune-ups are a great way to avoid this problem. In all likelihood one of your spark plugs is dead, dying, or misfiring and your engine is having problems turning over as a result. It could also be a battery issue. Do you remember the last time you bought a battery for you car? If you answered no, chances are it is time you got a new battery. Both of these issues are simple fixes, and they’ll get your car running like new again. Don’t wait until your car won’t start to address these issues. You’ll have to tow your car to a shop and that will cost you more in the long run than just going in for a simple engine tune up. 

At Eden Autos we encourage all of our valued customers to take the time to get familiar with their cars and how they work. Train yourself to spot the early signs, and you will never be blindsided by auto repairs ever again! We hope this blog brings value to your life and helps you spot potential repairs before they become too costly!

Best Used Cars for Philadelphia

Philadelphia drivers face a unique set of circumstances. The colonial style and design of the city is breathtaking, but it also means the streets are smaller. Philadelphia also gets its fair share of weather, especially in the winter when the snowfall can get pretty heavy. Philadelphians need a used car that can be versatile on tight streets, and small parking spots, and also be tough and in control when the elements are less than favorable. We’ve worked hard to compile a list of the best used cars for Philadelphia drivers. Take a look at what we came up with and share your thoughts with us! 

Subaru Impreza 

The Impreza is a great car for the drivers of Philadelphia for a number of reasons. First, the Impreza is an all-wheel drive car. This gives drivers superior control and traction when there is snow or a lot of rain on the ground. Philadelphia is no stranger to condensation, especially in the winter, so having a car that can easily handle the elements is key to safe driving in this city. Furthermore, the Impreza gets over 25 miles to the gallon when driving in the city so it is efficient at moving you, and will ensure that you spend less time at the pump. Finally, the Impreza is a compact four door car so you can take your friends or family with you and still parallel park it with ease. Being able to fit into any parking spot is a big advantage in the city. Who wants to spend their drive circling the block looking for parking?

Ford Fusion 

The Fusion is a mid-size sedan that offers a ton of room for passengers in the front and back. This is another used car that comes with AWD and great gas mileage. The Fusion is rated at 25 miles per gallon for city driving. The sleek design of the car and the spacious interior makes it a great option for used car buyers who live in Philadelphia. The Fusion also has very high reliability ratings from J.D. Power so you know that when you buy a Ford Fusion you are getting a quality used car that won’t quit. There are also a bunch of other premium options that were put in the Ford Fusion like heated seats that you may be able to find when you are looking for used cars. This is a solid, smart choice for any Philadelphia driver. The car is very dependable, gets great mileage, and has AWD to help you drive no matter what the conditions are. 

Suzuki SX4

Suzuki cars never got all that popular in America like other Japanese manufacturers. However, Suzuki makes some incredible cars. The SX4, last released in the states in 2012, is one that we would like to highlight. If you can find a Suzuki SX4, you will probably get a great price on it, due to its lack of major popularity in the United States, but you also get a great car that has standard AWD and more storage space than competitors like Honda Civic. The SX4 also does pretty well in terms of gas mileage too. Depending on the model year, you can expect to get anywhere from 21 to 23 miles per gallon while driving in the city. The SX4 is a great used car for people who want reliability, AWD, and efficiency all at a great low price. If you can find a Suzuki SX4, take a good look at it! 

Honda HR-V

This is a great used car option for city drivers, especially if you can get one with AWD. This compact SUV has a ton of versatile space for passengers or cargo, and thanks to its compact design it is easy to parallel park it anywhere in the city. Another advantage that the Honda HR-V offers city drivers is great gas mileage. On average, the HR-V gets about 27 miles to the gallon in the city. Honda is also very good about loading their models with a ton of awesome safety features. Safety features are always important to have, but the peace of mind safety features can provide is even more valuable on congested city streets. The Honda HR-V does it all. This is a great used car choice for Philadelphia drivers.

Toyota Rav-4

This efficient SUV is perfect for Philadelphia drivers for a number of reasons. First, it is an SUV which makes navigating some of the hazards of the road easier. The Rav-4 gets roughly 30 miles to the gallon in the city making it one of the most efficient models on our list. The Rav-4 also boasts a backup camera which makes parallel parking, even with a bigger SUV than the other models on our list, super easy. Drivers don’t have to strain their necks or ask a friend to help them park anymore thanks to the Rav-4’s backup camera. AWD is an option on the Rav-4 so when shopping for used cars you may come across a Rav-4 that has this feature. 

Jeep Wrangler 

The Jeep Wrangler is a classic model that is extremely tough. Jeep’s offer drivers a number of different drive options including 4x4, AWD, and 2WD to ensure that you have the right drive mode for your current driving conditions. Jeep Wranglers with two doors are also surprisingly compact and very easy to park even in the smallest of parking spots. The Jeep Wrangler does sacrifice fuel-efficiency but you won’t find a car that even comes close to the Wranglers performance or durability. It also makes a great used car because it is one of the few models that depreciates very slowly. Jeep Wranglers hold their value for years, and offer drivers significant control over the road. While the Jeep Wrangler was designed for all-terrain situations, it also makes a great city car too. 

We hope you enjoyed our list of best used cars for Philadelphia! At Eden Autos we are proud to be Philadelphians and serve our community. Please stop by to talk with one of our expert sales team members, and browse our entire selection of used cars!

How to Finance a Car with Bad Credit

Have you had trouble securing financing for a car because of your bad credit score? It can seem like a hopeless endeavor sometimes, but there is hope! If you have bad credit, you can still finance a car. We’re going to go over some ways in which you can get a car even with bad credit, and some things to look out for so you don’t end up in a worse financial position. We know how complicated financing can get, and we want to provide you with a simple, straightforward explanation so you can make the best decision for your life. Let’s start with how to finance a car with a bad credit score.

Get Help from the Financing Staff at the Dealership

If you are looking to finance a car, the best place to start is at your dealership. Visit the financing staff and talk with them about your specific credit situation. The dealership financing team works with people of all different means and credit scores all of the time. This is their job. They have working relationships with the area’s banks, credit unions, and other lending institutions. They will be able to tell you where your loan options are, and even reach out and secure financing on your behalf. The dealership financing team is a valuable resource to use in your journey to finance a car with bad credit.

You can even visit multiple dealerships and see if the loan terms you are able to get varies at all. In all likelihood the terms of your different loan options will not vary all that much. When you have bad credit, your options become limited sometimes, and most lenders stick to a pretty rigid system of lending. Still, it doesn’t hurt to see if other dealerships can get you a better financing package if you think what are you getting is too high or the terms are poor. Always take the time to understand the terms of the loan. Sometimes the deals with the lowest monthly payments actually cost you more in the long run so be sure to carefully understand all of the terms before you make a decision.

Buy Here Pay Here Financing  

If you spoke with your dealership financing team and you still couldn’t secure financing from a traditional lender, you can go to a buy here pay here dealership. This is a great option for individuals who have been turned away before and have bad credit scores. Buy here pay here dealerships simplify the financing process. Traditionally, you buy the car at the dealership, but you pay back a bank, credit union, or other lending institution for the car since they are the ones who actually buy it. At a buy here pay here dealership, the dealership acts as the lending institution too so everything is handled in-house. This allows the dealership to lend money to whoever they choose, and it also allows them to make a financing package that you can afford.

When you choose a buy here pay here dealership, the financing team in their dealership will work with you to determine how much you can afford to pay every month for your car, and the financing package you receive is customized especially for you. It is in everyone’s best interests if your monthly payments are affordable for your budget and are made on time. Therefore, you get a great financing deal that you can afford and a a great car. Another huge upside to buy here pay here financing is the rebuilding of poor credit.

Buy here pay here financing deals are made for people with bad credit, and the awesome part about them is they actually help rebuild credit too (as long as monthly payments are made on time). It is a great opportunity to get a car and turn around your credit score.

Find a Cosigner

Another option for people with bad credit is to find a cosigner for your auto loan. Having someone cosign with you will improve your loan terms significantly. It is important to note that the cosigner will be responsible for your debt if you cannot make the payments on your auto loan so it is a lot to ask somebody. If you can find a cosigner, it will make financing a breeze. The reason a cosigner helps so much is that it lowers the risk of the lender. Instead of having one person responsible for the sum of the loan, now there are two. Lending terms are all about risk. The more risk a lender has to take on, the more your monthly payments will be and the higher your interest rate too.

Things to Keep in Mind While Trying to Finance a Used Car

Applying for loans hurts your credit - This is true. When you apply for a loan your credit takes a slight hit. If you have bad credit, don’t apply for multiple loans all at once. This will hurt your credit score and could even keep you from getting a financing deal if your score drops too low as a result. Be patient and speak with your dealership’s financing staff before making any applications for financing.

Read the terms - Low monthly payments are great, but these financing packages often have terms that will cost you more in the long run. Sometimes it is better to choose a financing plan with a little bit higher monthly payment because the overall terms are more in your favor. Carefully go through all financing terms before you choose a plan, and remember, the lowest monthly payment plans are not always the cheapest!

When you are ready to buy a used car come to Eden Autos. We have a large selection of used cars, trucks, and SUVs. Our friendly financing team is ready to help you no matter what your credit score is. We also offer buy here pay here financing too! At Eden Autos we guarantee you can get a quality used car at a competitive price.

What You Need to Know About Used Car Warranties

Everything You Need to Know About Used Car Warranties

Used car warranties, or extended warranties, are sold with the intention of covering potentially costly repair work after the used car’s initial manufacturer or dealership warranty has elapsed or expired. These warranties come in many different sizes and shapes and may not completely cover every aspect of your used car. It is important to fully understand what type of warranty you have on your used car so let’s take a look at some of the more common warranties you may have.

Bumper to Bumper

A bumper to bumper used car warranty covers just about anything that may happen to your car from air conditioning repair to repairing the fuel system. Typically these warranties expire fast since they are so inclusive. Generally, warranties like this do not cover routine maintenance like oil changes or fluid replacement. Although, some brands will offer these routine maintenance services as part of their bumper to bumper warranty programs.


A performance warranty covers you in the event that your used car should fail an emissions test. This warranty covers big components like your catalytic converter and engine control module. This protects you from costly repairs due to design flaws or other defects in the car that could cause you to fail an emissions test. If you can’t pass an emissions test, you can’t drive your car so it is important to make sure that your performance components have protection.


Regular wear and tear to a vehicle’s interior occurs with use. A warranty plan like this will cover your paint job, damage to the interior, upholstery damage, deep cleaning, and other issues that may arise due to regular, daily usage of the used car. Wear and tear coverage is a good idea to have if you anticipate having regular passengers in your car like your kids. This coverage ensures that your used car continues to look as good as it did on the day that you bought it!

Powertrain and Drivetrain

These two warranty plans are similar in what they cover, but the difference between them is important. A powertrain warranty covers your used car’s transmission and engine and all of the moving parts that lead to the wheels, but not the wheels themselves. The drivetrain warranty covers the transmission, driveshaft, axles, wheels, but it does not cover the engine. It is important to know that while these two warranty plans are similar the big difference is engine coverage. Since the drivetrain warranty doesn’t cover the engine it typically will last for a longer period of time than a powertrain warranty.

These are the most common warranties you will find for used cars. Your dealership may offer you custom warranties too depending on what they offer in-house. The availability of certain warranties may not be available on all used cars depending on how old the used car is. Remember to carefully read through all of your warranty coverages so that you know exactly what is and isn’t covered by your used car warranty.

Philadelphia's Best Used Cars

Philadelphia's Best Used Cars

If your old vehicle is breaking down a lot, it may be time to start shopping around for something that’s in good operating condition, and probably a little newer as well. A badly worn vehicle can be downright dangerous on the highway. You may feel lots of road feedback or clumsy steering that makes you feel like you are driving a boat. This gets even worse if your brakes are bad or the drivetrain is unreliable. So many driving situations in the congested city traffic require split-second maneuvers to avoid an accident. If you don’t have a vehicle that you can launch into action or brake on a dime with, you may find yourself waiting in a dangerous situation or unable to cross over into the appropriate lanes on the highway. 

So, how is it that your vehicle deteriorated so rapidly? And what can you do to prevent the same thing from eventually happening with a newer model?

Delayed Repairs 
The secret to taking care of today’s late-model autos is preventive maintenance. The lubricants that are used in modern vehicles provide exceptional performance compared to those from much earlier years. An engine should be able to easily reach 200,000 miles before a rebuild might be needed. However, even with that being said, vehicles can deteriorate rapidly when the owners neglect even some of the small things. If you let that leaky gasket go, you might be saying goodbye to that $7,000 transmission. If you don’t fix that torn CV boot right away, don’t expect that axle to last more than a few hundred miles before it starts clicking and burning out. 

Precision Oil Changes 
If you don’t change your oil on time and replace it with the appropriate oil, or even use a high-performance
synthetic oil, you will create a greater toll on your engine. The pistons, valves, and bearings will start to wear out faster. When this happens, the vehicle will not run as efficiently and will consume more oil and fuel. If you have a high-mileage engine, it is time to switch to a high-mileage oil that has a somewhat higher viscosity to create a better oil seal and film on the piston walls and prevent blow-by. A high-mileage oil will also have conditioners in it to help soften dried out seals. 

Using the appropriate weight of oil is another often overlooked element of car maintenance. In the winter time, you want to run an oil with a lower viscosity number on the front end. For example, you may want to run a 0W 30-grade oil in the winter. The 0 denotes the viscosity at winter temperatures and how the oil will function on a cold start. If you use a 15W 30, the oil will be too gooey to do much good on a cold start even if it performs the same once the engine reaches operating temperature. And vice versa, you don’t want an oil that is too thin in the summertime because it will not provide a strong coating to protect the mechanical parts. 

Because cold starts contribute so heavily to engine wear when there is the highest possibility for metal on metal contact, having the proper grade of oil is critical to long-term engine health. In fact, the motor oils out there today are only about 70 percent oils. The rest of the fluid is made up of all sorts of additives that help govern how it behaves. The additive package in an engine oil may be more important than the grade of the oil itself. 

Today’s additive packages feature graphite and molybdenum to reduce the impact of dry starts. They feature compounds to reduce volatility, which helps prevent the oil from burning up. The oil also is designed to have a pH level in the alkaline spectrum to help absorb and neutralize the acids that are formed during combustion. Acids take a terrible toll on the internals of an engine because they soften the metal forged parts enough to hasten erosion. 

You will also find antioxidants in the motor oil that will stop the water in gasoline and humidity in the air from corroding the internal parts. So, there is a lot of refined engineering going on here to ensure that motor oils are protecting your engine. You can start by choosing the correct oil for your engine and ensuring the right viscosity every season. 

Driving Style 
Your driving style may also be to blame. If you are the type of person who brakes hard and jumps the gun from any stop light, you can wear out your vehicle in no time. The engine incurs the most wear from cold starts. Common sense tells you that the oil pressure has to build up in the engine. If you are jumping too fast from idle, you may not have sufficient lubrication to make that leap as smooth as it should be. This is especially true if you are running hard on a cold engine during the fall and winter months. 

If you drive on a lot of gravel roads and deal with a lot of potholes without taking appropriate care, this can eat the paint off your vehicle and begin the rusting process. It will also knock your vehicle out of alignment and damage rims, tires, steering, and suspension parts. Taking your vehicle off-roading or using it for heavy labor can take a major toll on it as well. Even dragging pets into your vehicle or letting your children mess it up can create a stigma that the vehicle is an old beater because it doesn’t look so attractive. Once your perception of a vehicle changes, you may neglect basic maintenance by not thinking that investing in your car is worth it. 

Speeding will also damage the bearings on your wheels and your drivetrain. The faster that you travel, the more heat that you will generate in the moving parts. The heat is what kills mechanical parts. Although synthetic lubricants have reduced the heat by evenly dissipating it and eliminating the paraffin wax hotspots found in conventional oils, you are still putting these parts at risk if you run them hard or for longer duty cycles. 

Starting with a Clean Slate 
Purchasing a new or pre-owned car can provide you with the opportunity to start off with a clean slate. When you understand how your habits, driving, and maintenance styles have a habit of driving your cars into the ground, you may take better care if you have a newer vehicle to work with. Although brand-new cars are always nice to work with, the price can be prohibitive and make people gamble on the private market for something cheaper. Yet, when you are dealing with sellers on the private market, you can run into a lot of dishonest sellers. 

The easiest way to protect yourself when you are looking for used cars for sale is to deal with an established and licensed dealership that specializes in high-quality pre-owned vehicles. A dealership that sources out the top candidates because they have low mileage was never involved in an accident, have a normal and regular maintenance schedule, and no known problems can be the best place to go. You can save as much as 50-percent off a Certified Pre-owned vehicle that is just a few years older than the same brand-new model. 

The reason why prices for the same model and year may differ quite a bit when you search for used cars for sale is because there is that unquantifiable factor of quality in used vehicles. The same identical used vehicles placed side by side may have a huge range in the level of quality because one was serviced correctly while the other was neglected. 


As stated above, something as seemingly insignificant as using the wrong motor oil can do a world of damage to a vehicle and cause premature wear. Of course, you will always have those diehard models that could practically run without oil. But they are getting harder and harder to find as manufacturers continue to engineer vehicles to be run in perfect operating conditions. 

When you are searching out used cars for sale, it always helps to find a Certified Pre-owned vehicle that was thoroughly inspected for safety and one that is backed by a warranty. A bumper-to-bumper warranty is the most precious kind of warranty available. This means that all the parts in the vehicle from front to back are guaranteed to last you for the length of that warranty without issue. 

If there is an issue, the warranty will pay for any replacement parts and the labor to install them. While there may or may not be a deductible, depending on the plan, you will at least know that the dealerships did everything possible to solve any wear issues from the door in the vehicle to save themselves from the warranty repair expenses and headaches down the road. 

For this reason, you should never just buy a used car and cross your fingers. The car is worth zero dollars to you if it doesn’t run. Having a decent warranty to guarantee that it will operate problem-free for a length of time puts the ball in your court. Then, all you have to do is keep up the maintenance and take good care of the vehicle to keep the current operational state in a continuum. 

Eden Autos is one such dealership that provides excellent warranty protection on Certified Pre-owned vehicles. In fact, that is all that they sell because they know that these are the hottest deals around. They put their vehicles through a 125-point inspection that ensures that there is no damage or premature wear to any parts in the vehicle. This checklist measures everything from tire tread to the function and finesse of the car door handles. 

So, for anyone looking for used cars in Philadelphia, or anywhere in the Delaware Valley, they should probably head down to Eden Autos to check the selection before going to an overpriced dealership that wants to push brand-new cars. They should also think long and hard about why it is a bad choice to buy a vehicle off a private seller with no reputation and little accountability. Why take risks with all the money that is involved when you can deal with a reputable dealership with competitive prices that can save you as much as 50-percent off the list price for the same new model 

As stated above, mileage really doesn’t mean a whole lot when you consider the engineering and quality of today’s synthetic lubricants. As long as you continue to use high-quality synthetic lubricants and upkeep other maintenance, there should be no reason why your Certified Pre-Owned model won’t last as long as you’d like to keep it. 

But, of course, the trick is that you have to first start out with a clean slate. Once a vehicle reaches a certain threshold of lapsed maintenance, it will cost more to repair it than it would to replace it. The big factory dealerships that sell brand-new cars make a killing off hammering customers with high prices on vehicles after the warranty expires. They will give them the option to simply trade-in the vehicle for a new car once they face any major repair bills. It sounds like an attractive offer, at first, if you simply start a new payment plan for $350 a month instead of paying that $1,500 for the maintenance that they recommend. 

Eden Autos sells a diverse number of warranty options to help you secure the extended warranty protection that you desire at much better costs than the factory dealerships. Because Eden Autos only specializes in selling pre-owned vehicles, they have the business model streamlined and running like a well-oiled machine. And that is exactly what they are cranking out for consumers, thoroughly detailed and inspected well-oiled machines that can last a lifetime. 

Is it Better to Lease a Vehicle or to Purchase a Pre-Owned Model? 
When it comes to leasing, it seems ultra-convenient. The dealerships make an attractive offer on a brand-new vehicle that allows you to drive away in it that day with no money down or very little money down. Your contractual commitment to pay for it is over in a few years, three years being the most common time frame. At that time you are free to walk away and ditch the car for public transportation or to sign up for a lease on another vehicle. And while it may seem oh so easy and like you are getting the prime life out of the car for a song of a price, leasing has a very dark side. 

People who lease vehicles have a mileage cap that they simply can’t exceed without facing huge penalties. This is because the dealerships have trouble selling used after-lease vehicles if they have a lot of miles on them. Again, remember that consumers are still hypnotized in that old way of thinking to believe that mileage is the best indication of wear. We have to tell you that it absolutely has almost nothing to do with the mechanical fitness of any late-model vehicle ran on synthetic fluids all its life. 

Leasing a vehicle also makes it incredibly expensive if you get any stains on the upholstery, if the bushings on the steering parts wear out, if you get any scratches or hail damage, etc. Yes, because anytime that the dealership can claim that your vehicle doesn’t meet their arbitrary expectations, they will penalize you with huge surcharges. Therefore, while the upfront number may seem attractive and simple to maintain, the end of the leasing process may have you in for some big surprises. 

A Certified Pre-Owned vehicle may have some miles on it, but, as long as it is not decades old those miles really have nothing at all to do with how well it might function. The best way to anticipate how it may perform is to look at the maintenance histories. For whatever brand of vehicle it may be, the dealerships have access to a service history on the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), such as by getting the vehicle’s 
CarFax Report

If you want to see how well a vehicle was maintained, you simply need a copy of this information. This will allow you to determine if you are driving a vehicle that was always kept in optimal condition or just something that is running for the time being. And although mileage is not a huge factor in late-model vehicles that are only a few years old, if the high-mileage is mixed with other maintenance lapses, it can be a risky deal. Don’t trust private sellers that claim that a mechanic friend rebuilt the engine or some big inflated stories to make you overlook the mileage of the vehicle in these cases if we are talking at or near 200,000 miles. 

Because there is a lot of money at stake, you should not put a lot of faith in anything that can’t be proven with records and receipts. For this same reason, you should keep track of all your auto bills and receipts to ensure a full-service record history for any future sale. And that is what is so great about a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle, it is yours to sell it when the payments are over. You can recoup a substantial amount of your investment or keep driving the vehicle for only the cost of basic maintenance that you may be able to do yourself. 

Is it Better to Buy a Brand-New Car or a Pre-Owned Certified Model? 
If you like the idea of throwing money away, by all means, go out and toss cash at a brand-new vehicle. Most of the people who have purchased lemons have purchased brand-new vehicles. These vehicles come directly from the manufacturers with more bugs than you can exterminate with a bug bomb. These models are usually the first editions of a new generation that haven’t had all the bugs tweaked out yet. For this reason, it is always safer to purchase a pre-owned vehicle because outfits like Eden Autos would automatically disqualify them if there was any unusual repair history. 

Considering that a brand-new vehicle can lose up to 15-percent or more of its value the moment you drive it of the dealer’s lot, (referred to as depreciation) there is little value in brand-new vehicles. The whole concept of new is so fragile that merely driving away forever tarnishes the image and marketing delusion that consumers are buying. And that is all that a brand-new vehicle is, a marketing delusion that people assume that they are getting what they pay for. 

If only the average consumer realized what they are really paying for. They are paying for a vehicle that is so fresh that the plastic resins have not yet exhausted all the formaldehyde left over from the manufacturing process. Formaldehyde and other toxic carcinogenic chemicals are what truly give a brand-new car all that new car smell that people rave about. For this reason alone, buying a brand-new car should be avoided. Something that is at least a year or two older will be stable and free of the chemicals that are still emitting fumes from the manufacturing process of the interior and plastic parts. 

When you are looking for great deals on pre-owned cars for sale in Philadelphia, why not take a look at Eden Autos? They have the experience and wisdom to know where the true value is in the industry. So many trends in consumer shopping are irrational. If you want to be a savvy shopper, it is best to choose from a dealership that has a large selection of late model, low mileage cars that can be half the price of those being offered at the factory car dealerships. And don’t forget financing; Eden Autos has a full range of financing options to meet everyone’s credit history, regardless of the credit score

Understanding how you can prevent premature wear and tear on your vehicle by simply doing a little homework about the motor oil and staying on top of repairs and maintenance can make a world of difference when you do step into that newer car. Don’t fall for the irrational consumer marketing delusion that brand-new vehicles are the cream of the crop. In fact, they are not because they are overpriced, untested in the real world, and full of possible toxic fumes emanating from the recent manufacturing process.



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