Advantages to buying a used car!

For a moment, picture a used car. Imagine what a used car would look like if you found one for sale. You’re probably thinking about a car with paint peeling off its metal body and perhaps a vehicle that hasn’t been cleaned in a few years. Perhaps it’s ten years out of date, and it has fallen into a state of disrepair to the point that you can’t even drive it on the roads.

Well, you might be surprised to hear that this isn’t an accurate description of most used cars on the market today. Instead, you could find one that’s in fantastic condition, only a few years old and has been well looked after by previous owners. There are plenty of advantages to buying a car like this rather than bothering to pick up one brand new from your local dealer.

Goodbye Depreciation

One of the worst things about buying a car brand new is depreciation. Let’s say that you decide to buy a brand new Land Rover. It might seem like a good idea at the time, and it may even feel like it was worth the fifty thousand dollars that you paid for it. But wait, because even after a couple of months driving it on the road, that car has already lost a lot of its value. After two years, the car will have lost, on average, twenty-five percent of its retail price. So, essentially, you’ve wasted a lot of money to get a car brand new because it depreciates so quickly. You might think that’s not really a concern because you’ve already bought the vehicle. But what about when it’s time to sell the car?

You’re never going to get the money you spent on a car when you sell it. But, you can limit your losses by purchasing one used. The best part of buying a used car is that it’s already been hit by depreciation, so you don’t have to worry about spending more than the car is really worth.

The Right Price

That essentially means that you can buy a car at the right price. A price that is perhaps a little easier to afford. On average, people spend between twenty and forty thousand on a new car. If you buy one used, you can cut that cost in half! You’ll be able to buy the vehicle you want on the cheap and have money to spare. A lot of people borrow to buy a used car and end up in quite a lot of debt. If you buy one used, you can avoid this. Or, you can just save the money you were going to spend and instead, use it somewhere else. With that extra cash, you could go on a luxury vacation or perhaps add a new extension to your home. We’re sure you can think of lots of different ways to spend that extra cash. When you find the car at the right price, you’ll have that option.

Buy The Dream

We all have a dream car that we would love to own. For some of us. It’s a Nissan GTR. For others, it will be a classic muscle car like a Mustang. You might not be able to afford a car like this brand new, but you’d be surprised how cheap they can be on the used car market. For instance, BMWs cost upwards of 50K new but if you searched for one used, you can pick one up for around 15K instead. That’s an absolute steal, and while it might be a couple of years old, it’s still a BMW. It’s still your dream car, and being used you can now afford to buy it.

Forget New Car Costs

You’d be amazed by how many additional costs can be added to a new car. The problem with buying a car brand new is that you’d be purchasing it from a dealership. They will offer you lots of unique add ons and make it seem like you need them. You have to have those leather, heated seats and don’t forget the massage feature. Are you sure you want the hard top? Perhaps you would rather have a convertible? You can easily find that a skilled dealer will add ten or twenty percent onto the actual market price of a new car. With a used car, that’s not an option. What you see is very much what you get, and in fact, you might find yourself in the opposite situation.

Get Ten Or Twenty Percent Off

A great part of buying a car used is the negotiation. You’ll be able to negotiate with the dealer to get the best price for the car you’re buying. You should find that they drop the price to make the car more attractive and ensure that you do proceed with the purchase. So, on top of the better price, you can actually shave more money off the cost of the car that you are buying. The secret to the negotiation is to find the right starting point and work from there.

No Need To Worry

A lot of people are put off buying a used car because they are scared of ending up with a dud. But there’s no need in the new age of technology. With the VIN number, you can find out all the information you need online to decide whether you want to buy the car, including whether it has been involved in any crashes. As such, you’ll know exactly what you’re buying.

Cheaper Insurance

Since used cars are often less valuable, you can often get better deals on insurance. This is particularly important for first-time drivers and parents buying cars for their kids. Insurance premiums will already be sky high for new drivers. If you purchase a brand new car that is more valuable, the insurance could be double what you might pay for a used car.


As you can see, there are many advantages for opting for a used car rather than buying brand new. You’ll save a fortune, and you can still get your hands on a quality ride.