What Are Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles?

Buying a pre-owned car is the most practical, convenient option for millions of Americans. Brand new vehicles fresh off the production line may come with the latest features and gadgets, but they can be incredibly expensive, commanding prices which are simply out of reach for the average household.

Used car dealerships provide customers with an extensive selection of pre-owned vehicles, all of which are typically well-inspected and maintained to a high standard. CPO cars are an invaluable asset to dealerships and their customers across the country, but what exactly is Certified Pre-Owned?

What are CPO Cars?

A CPO (Certified Pre-Owned) car offers you more peace of mind and reassurance that you are spending your money on a vehicle that’s worth the price. Some customers may feel a little uncertain when purchasing a used car, potentially worrying about the lifespan of their investment. With certified pre-owned cars, you know you’re sitting behind the wheel of a vehicle which has undergone a strict inspection and certification process prior to being offered for sale.

A trained mechanic will check the car before it is granted CPO status, to make sure it adheres to specific requirements and standards. Anything which may not quite be up to those standards is repaired or replaced by the dealership, to ensure maximum value to buyers. CPO vehicles usually come with a warranty backed by the manufacturer or dealership, and may include valuable extras, such as free roadside assistance, free maintenance, and loaner vehicles if needed. Dealerships stocking CPO cars may provide special offers or more competitive financing rates to make the package even more appealing than an overpriced brand-new model.

When did CPO programs start?

CPO programs first started to hit the market during the early ‘90s, due to a high number of leased vehicles being returned by customers. These were generally in solid mechanical shape and usually had low miles on their odometers. Dealerships tended to sell those in the best condition, while others were put up for lower prices or sold at auction to other car dealers.

Manufacturers and dealerships started to recognize that there might be a chance to sell these high-quality vehicles at a higher level than ‘used’, to appeal to those buyers looking for a pre-owned car offering exceptional value for the money, but without the high price of a brand-new model. The first CPO program launched belonged to Lexus in November of 1993, though Mercedes-Benz became the first manufacturer to provide buyers of pre-owned cars with factory-backed warranties. The trend continued to grow, as more and more manufacturers and dealers saw the program’s potential.

Not all vehicles which are labeled as certified at a dealership may be part of a manufacturer’s CPO program, though. The term may refer to the dealer’s own program, offering similar benefits without the brand’s direct involvement. In cases like this, the inspection process involved should still be comprehensive and ensure all aspects of the vehicle’s performance offers real value, but it’s still worth checking with your dealer before making a purchase.

With a CPO purchase, you’re basically paying for a vehicle which feels as good as new and has been certified to offer the very best service expected. While most experienced, reputable used car dealerships sell vehicles that are thoroughly checked and well-presented to deliver outstanding value anyway, CPO cars may put customers’ minds at ease a little better.

CPO vehicles are generally late-model cars with low mileage and without any history of major damage. Manufacturers have their own CPO programs, and some used car dealerships have comparable CPO programs in place. Eden Autos, for example, makes sure that every car and truck they sell is a certified pre-owned vehicle, and each comes with:

  • A 5-Day Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee
  • A 3-month / 4,500-mile Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty.
  • A 125-Point Inspection to ensure quality.
  • A CARFAX vehicle history report to make sure that each car has no history of flood, fire damage, frame damage, or odometer problems.
  • Options for GWC Best-in-Class warranties that range from basic powertrain components to extensive coverage that rival manufacturer’s factory warranties.

Eden’s CPO vehicles are subject to the extensive inspection process to make sure customers receive real value and ongoing support. The 125-point inspection covers such vital areas as road testing, vehicle interior and exterior, under-hood components, vehicle diagnostics, under-body, and more. It’s very comprehensive, with several steps within each section. The road test, for example, checks numerous elements, including: engine noise and idling, acceleration and cruising, and shift interlock working properly.

If you need a new vehicle, a CPO car could be the perfect choice. CPO programs are perfect if you want to invest in a vehicle which feels almost new and delivers exceptional performance, but without having to pay the high prices associated with factory-fresh models. The additional benefits – such as extended warranties – can provide further value for the money, saving on extra costs in the future.

Financing a brand-new model is often a massive investment on top of your other expenses, but a CPO vehicle is a much more affordable option that delivers outstanding value. In effect, a CPO program offers the best of both worlds: a used vehicle which has been well cared for and refined (if needed) to be as good as new, without the next-level expense. A dealership like 

Eden Autos, with a large selection of used vehicles, will be able to match the model to your unique needs and budget, ensuring the best return on your investment.

As stated above, every car and truck in Eden Autos’ extensive inventory is a GWC Warranty Certified Pre-Owned vehicle. That means all the vehicles are thoroughly checked out and determined to be in good operating condition before they are available for sale.

And don’t forget about financing; Eden Autos has flexible and competitive financing options to meet the individual needs of our customers, including financial solutions for customers with more challenged credit issues. Give us a call or stop in to see one of our committed staff and we’ll make sure you get the right vehicle that meets your needs, with financing that’s affordable.