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EDENAUTOS: 30-DAY or 1,500 MILE Bumper-Bumper to WARRANTY

No matter what vehicle you purchase from Eden Autos, you will be covered with a bumper-to-bumper warranty for three months or 4,500 miles after purchase, whichever comes first. Every customer receives this level of coverage. When you’re purchasing a vehicle, a warranty is usually one of the most important concerns for the buyer, and we understand that. We’re careful to ensure that our customers have confidence that their new vehicle is in good mechanical condition. Our bumper-to-bumper warranty doesn’t leave room for mistakes or problems. If there is something that needs to be fixed or repaired during the warranty period, it will be taken care of for you free of charge.

This is a comprehensive warranty, so you won’t need to worry about being caught off guard by clauses or loopholes that deprive you of the coverage you expected. We’re all about being open and transparent, so this warranty will do exactly what you expect it to do. Not all used car dealerships offer such strong standard warranties with their vehicles, so we believe this aptly demonstrates our strong commitment to our customers. At Eden Autos, there are no purchases that are excluded from this deal either, so no matter which vehicle you choose to take home with you, you’ll be covered immediately.

If you do experience a problem during the warranty period and need to have it taken care of, we will get it done for you as quickly as we possibly can. The warranty is very clear, so there should be no confusion on either side. Whether you hit the 30-day mark or the 1,500-mile mark first, that’s when the coverage ends. It’s something that you will be aware of, so you won’t be let down or disappointed at any time. The coverage begins right away, so when the car is yours and you drive it off our lot, that’s when the coverage begins.

The main benefit of offering this kind of warranty to our customers as our standard policy is that it provides real and unrivalled peace of mind. No one wants the insecurity that comes with buying a pre-owned car without this kind of coverage. Who knows what could go wrong a couple of weeks after taking your vehicle home? Of course, we fully inspect and service all our vehicles before we put them up for sale, but that doesn’t mean something can’t go wrong after the sale. That’s exactly why this warranty is important, to give every customer extra security and peace of mind when making their pre-owned vehicle purchase.

You don’t have to pay a lot of money or choose an expensive car to get the peace of mind this warranty provides. It is offered to everyone, no matter what vehicle they buy. The policy is the same regardless of what you buy or what the cost is. So, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions about our bumper-to-bumper warranties. It’s all very simple and straightforward, and our professional staff is always happy to explain things to you in more detail if necessary. We’re here Monday through Saturday, so give us a call or stop in any time for more information.

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