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Welcome to Eden Autos! At Eden Autos you can expect nothing but the best service and a vast amount of excellent and reliable used cars. Among all the used car dealers in Philadelphia, Eden Autos not only offers $0 down but we offer a variety of financing options, 5 day money back guarantee (after purchase you can bring back the car in 5 days with full refund) and bumper-to-bumper warranty. Whether your credit is great, bad or somewhere in between, Eden Autos financing options is versatile and is an easy process that will have you walking out with your car in no time. Eden Autos is the best used car dealer in Philadelphia because we have been in business for years with repeat customers, offering dependable cars, financing options, and exquisite customer service. As the buy here pay here Philadelphia dealership, Eden Autos will be the best used car buying experience you will ever have. We take care of our customers.

We are committed to providing our customer’s with the best hassle-free buying experience in the Delaware Valley.

We have over 150 Quality Pre-Owned Vehicles in stock to choose from. And with access to some of the biggest banks, getting pre-qualified instantly at EdenAutos is as simple as 1-2-3.

We back each vehicle with a comprehensive bumper-to-bumper warranty. Stop by our dealership today or view our inventory online now!

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Eden Autos was rated 1 out of 10 of the best used cars in Philadelphia!

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What You Need to Do Before Buying a Used Car in Philadelphia

  1. Define What You Want and Do Your Research Before Buying a Used Car
  2. It is important to have an idea of what you want in a car before walking into a used car dealership. How many people need a seat? Do you want a small car or large vehicle? Are there special features that you cannot live without? Also, how is the dealerships reputation? Are there flexible financing options? Where can I find a buy here pay here car dealer? Eden Autos is a buy here pay here used car dealer in Philadelphia that works with you, educates you and will listen to your needs regarding the style you want, the size and financing options. We have been in business for years and are here to serve you and your needs.

  3. Budget, Budget, Budget
  4. Do yourself a favor and go over your budget! It is so easy to be eager to buy a car and walk into Eden Autos and make an impulse purchase. We want you to make wise and confident choices. Go over your income and expenses and see what you can afford. If your credit is bad, a car loan with us could really help build your credit over time but you want to make sure it is something you can afford. You got this and we will be patient with you.

  5. Run a Carfax Report
  6. You can find out the history of a used vehicle by running a Carfax report. A Carfax report will tell the car’s history and anything that has happened to the vehicle. Some car dealers will do it for you or you can run the report yourself at Vehicle History Reports – Get a CARFAX Report. Eden Autos will do this for you. So not only will you get a free Carfax report from us, you will also get a 3-month, 4,500-mile bumper-to-bumper warranty and a vehicle buy back guarantee when you choose to buy from us. We will sell you the car and you can take it to a dealership within 5 days to make sure the car is in good shape and if it’s not, you can bring it back within those 5 days and get your money back. To date, we never had anyone bring it back.

  7. Do a Test Drive
  8. You definitely want to drive the car before buying it. Be sure to test it out on highways and up and down hills. Turn off the music and listen to the engine. If something does not seem right, don’t be afraid to walk away. At Eden Autos, we make sure each car is checked prior coming to our lot. However, if you find something alarming, bring it to our attention! We want you to make the best purchasing decision and feel confident in your purchase leaving our dealership. We get it.

  9. Get the Car Inspected
  10. Our 5 Day Money Back Guarantee is no joke! We want you to take it to a dealership and get it inspected! After you buy a car from us, again you can take it to a trustworthy mechanic to inspect the car and if you are not satisfied, you can bring your car back to Eden Autos and get a full refund. We understand that buying a car is a big purchase and we want to give you the option to check it out.

There are many things to consider when buying a used car in Philadelphia and Eden Autos wants you to be wise and confident in your purchasing decisions. Define what you need, do your research, budget, run a Carfax report, do a test drive and get the car inspected. This is just a few of many things to consider before buying a car but we wanted to give you a head start.

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Give us a call today at 215-698-9996 and our customer service staff will be more than happy to help you on your buying journey.

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