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Buying a used car is often a smart move for two clear reasons. The first is that in the short term it will save you money because used cars cost less than brand new ones being sold right out of the dealer’s showrooms. Rather than spending tens of thousands of dollars, you could get one up for half of that, or anywhere down to less than a grand. It also benefits you financially in the long term. Cars depreciate in value rapidly, so it does make sense to purchase one that has already lost most of its market value at a low price. In addition, it’s important to remember there are still plenty of great vehicles available on the used car market.

Here are a few tips to make your life a little easier when buying a used car, and ensure that you get the right car for you.

1) A Year or Two Can Make All The Difference

You might think that to save money on a used car you have to buy one that’s at least five or ten years old, but that’s not true. You will typically find that a car which is just a couple years old will be considerably cheaper than one that’s brand new. As such, you can still get a late model vehicle at a lower price than what you would pay for a new one; you just need to find the right seller. Again, this is due to the amount the cars have depreciated, even after the first year, and there’s often quite a difference for makes and models.

2) Find One That’s Not Too Expensive to Run

One of the big benefits of buying a used car is that you can find one that is inexpensive to operate. You can decide whether you want to get a gasoline engine or possibly a hybrid. You will find pre-owned many used hybrids for sale on the market these days, and it could be exactly what you want for your new car. If you’re buying a car used, the financial aspect of the purchase will be a concern. So, it makes sense to be sure you’re saving even more by getting a car that gets good gas mileage, and one that doesn’t cost too much to maintain. If you are thinking about purchasing a used hybrid, there is another advantage to consider. They are far more likely to hold their value, which can be a factor if you decide to trade it in at some future date. 

3) Take It for A Spin

Definitely make sure that you take the car for a test drive before you commit to a purchase. This isn’t just about finding out whether there are any issues; you need to make sure you like the way the car handles, how it feels on the road, and if it’s comfortable to drive. Also, if you’re buying from a private seller you might need to make sure your insurance policy, or the sellers, covers you for the test drive. If you are dealing with a used car dealer, that won’t be an issue; dealers have insurance that will cover you if there is an accident during a test drive.

4) What’s Been Replaced or Repaired?

Checking a few things on the car is a good way of getting a feel for how well it’s been taken of. For instance, you might find that the steering well shakes on the highway, or the tires don’t have much tread left or are worn unevenly. Things like that can tell you a lot about whether the car has been well maintained. Any repairs or accidents should also be part of the car’s history that the seller should provide you with..

5) Negotiating A Price

For some, the best part about buying a used car could be negotiating a final price. When buying a new car, you’ll usually find new car dealers are eager to sell a car with cool tech and luxury features; features that can add considerably to the price. On the other hand, if you buy a used car with some of those same features, the car may have depreciated even more that a similar vehicle without those high cost options. And used car dealers don’t have nearly the overhead of a new car dealer, which enables them to sell the same used car as a new-car dealership for less money. Also, used car dealers typically expect some negotiation between buyer and seller, so they are usually able to agree to a price that’s fair to both parties.

6) Don’t Forget Insurance!

People often discover they can buy their dream car second-hand for a price they can actually afford. However, if they jump at the chance to buy that car, they need to be sure to evaluate other costs that may affect their decision. The cost of the car is only the first issue. You have to think about insurance as well, and for some cars, insurance may be more expensive than you think, even for a used car. If you’re buying your first car, you might find that the combined monthly payments for the car and the insurance puts it financially out of reach. So be certain you don’t purchase a vehicle that you can’t afford.

7) Check Around

It’s a buyer’s market out there, and that means you should be looking at different sources and sellers of used cars; particularly, if you’re eager to buy a certain make or model. You might find that the same car from one dealer is being offered at a lower price from a different dealer. As such, it’s always worth shopping around before you commit to a purchase. It’s so easy to do these days because there are various sites online that allow you to compare used car prices from a variety of sellers.

8) Is it Showing the Right Mileage?

One of the tricks private sellers might use when putting their older car on the market is to change the mileage. By changing the mileage, they can get a better price for the car. On average, a car travels around 12-15 thousand miles a year. So, if the mileage doesn’t match the age of the car, double check and make sure that there’s no foul play going on.

9) Buying From A Dealer Gives You Protection

If possible, you should buy from a dealer rather than a private seller. Buying from a dealer, you can get an extra level of security with your purchase. Most dealers will give you a warranty for a certain period of time or the amount of miles driven, which eliminates the worry about the possibility of having a mechanical problem and not being able to get the dealer to repair it. Buying from a dealer, you can often get assurance that if there is an issue with your car, you can return it within a set period. This won’t be the case with a private seller.

10) Buying On-Line

Finally, you should be aware that buying a used car directly from an on-line seller may not give you the same protection as purchasing the vehicle from a face-to-face seller. You also need to be aware of a seller offering a car when they have made it clear they have no expert knowledge and are not a professional dealer. In cases like this, where you buy the car from pictures only, they might sell you a car that doesn’t work and leave you with a massive loss.


Buying your next vehicle from Eden Autos will be a Hassle-Free Experience. Every vehicle we sell comes with a Car Fax report and a 3-month or 4,500 mile bump-to-bumper warranty. 

Buying a Used Car from a Dealership

Buying a Used Car from a Dealership Versus a Private Seller 

You have two options when buying a used car: a professional dealership or a private seller. You could be tempted to choose the private seller If you want a quick, cheap sale: you’ll see some the extremely low prices on websites and in magazines. However, you can run into certain problems when dealing with an individual – problems that may cost you more in the long run.

Buying from a used car dealership is the smartest and safest way to go – and here are five key reasons why:

Financial Options

Paying for a car is expensive – even when it’s used. In most cases, a private seller will expect to have all the money at the time of the sale. If you’re buying from a friend or relative, they may allow you to pay in installments, as there’s a level of trust. However, with two strangers arranging a deal, both sides are likely to be wary of each other. As the buyer, you’ll want to see the car, make sure it’s as advertised, and pay only when you’re satisfied. The seller, of course, will not let you drive away without paying in full.

None of this is a problem with professional dealerships. First and foremost, dealerships often provide financing options, so you can pay over a fixed period of time, making it far easier to afford a more expensive vehicle than you might be able to buy from a private seller, especially if you need a car on short notice.

Dealerships will normally provide fair prices and payment plans for the used car in question. If there is even the slightest hint of a car being overpriced or finance payments are based on higher interest rates, the dealer’s reputation could be tarnished. A private seller, on the other hand, has no such reputation to consider. Bear that in mind.

Warranties May be Included

When buying a car from a private seller, he or she may not provide full background information, including any outstanding warranty that may remain on the vehicle.

When buying from a used car dealership, you can expect to be given full details of any warranty in effect. If a car is fairly new, it may still fall under the manufacturer’s warranty, which provides considerable peace of mind. Also, the dealership may offer a warranty for a few weeks, months, or a year, on the condition that the car be serviced by an approved provider.

Warranties may be available, but used car dealerships are not required by law to offer a warranty, however, most used car dealers will be happy to discuss warranties with you at length, and a package may be offered to help secure the purchase. You should certainly feel free to ask. Private sellers, on the other hand, may have no information about any remaining warranty, and normally will not be in a position to offer one.

Inspections and Repairs

Reputable used car dealerships will inspect vehicles and undertake repairs to ensure they’re suitable for sale. After all, if they can complete minor repairs to ensure a car is ready to be put up for sale, any small costs are worthwhile doing.

Private sellers may simply be in a hurry to get a vehicle off their own hands as soon as possible. While some may be honest about any potential mechanical issues or repairs which need to be undertaken, others might leave them unmentioned in the hope that the buyer won’t pick up on them until they have already paid and driven away. You can also expect a test drive at most dealerships to make sure you’re happy with the car’s performance, while private sellers may not offer to do the same.

More Legal Protection

When buying a car from a private seller, you have very little legal protection – if you agree to a price and fail to get the seller’s contact details, you may be in a tight spot if you find any faults after the sale is finalized. They are generally selling vehicles on an ‘as-is’ basis unless you have a contract with them that specifies otherwise.

Used car dealerships have to provide you with more protection. The Federal Trade Commission’s Used Car Rule insists that every dealer displays a Buyer’s Guide in each used vehicle they sell, and issue buyers with a copy after the sale. This covers the car’s key mechanical/electrical systems, whether the vehicle is sold ‘as-is’ or includes a warranty, and recommends you search for a vehicle history online.

Dealers are not required by law to offer you a “cooling-off” period or a money-back guarantee, but they may. Be sure to ask about this, and check if they will be willing to offer one, and on what grounds. Again, this comes down to reputation; used car dealers want to ensure you’re satisfied, have you as a repeat customer, and get referrals. It’s in their best interests to provide you with the best service possible.  

Trade-in for a Better Deal

Most used car dealerships accept trade-ins towards the cost of a new vehicle. This, of course, allows you to save money when buying a used car, though this may vary from one case to the next. Even if a private seller agrees to a trade, which is extremely doubtful, they may not give you its full worth. With a private dealership, though, you can expect a fair price.

This is ideal if you don’t have the full amount to buy a used car, or for a down payment, but are happy to trade-in your current vehicle to cover those costs. The dealership will also have professionals on hand to check your trade-in without delay, and deal with all the paperwork involved.

Buying a used car from a dealership is safer and more secure than buying from a private seller. You’ll be able to visit a professional showroom, address any potential concerns, and possibly receive a warranty. You can also check reviews, speak with previous customers, and conduct more research on dealerships online than you can with private individuals.

 And for all these reasons, you can feel very confident buying your next used Car or Truck from  Eden Autos.


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Buying a Car with Bad Credit

Buying a Used Car with Bad Credit  

Nobody wants bad credit, but avoiding it is sometimes easier said than done.  

Perhaps you spent more on Christmas shopping than you intended to, causing you to be late on some of your bills. On the other hand, you may be unemployed, or had unexpected medical bills and are unable to cover all of your monthly expenses.  

If money’s been tight for some time, losing your good credit score is a very real risk, but it’s entirely possible to improve your score again, with time and patience. Last year,  more Americans managed to overcome bad credit and elevate their scores.

However, if an emergency comes along, bad credit can only make things more complicated. One of those emergencies can be the need to buy a replacement vehicle for one that’s no longer operational. If you find yourself in that situation, how can you buy a reliable used car with a low credit score? Here are some tips from Eden Autos:

Be Sure You Aren’t Mistaken   

First and foremost, you need to find out what your credit score is. Are you just guessing because of missed payments, or do you know exactly what your score is? You can check your credit score without charge, as everyone is entitled to free reports from the major credit-reporting agencies (TransUnion, Experian, Equifax) once per year. If you need to, you can ask for all three at the same time, or individually over the 12 months instead.  

Get your hands on your credit score as soon as you can, and check it closely. Even if you do have bad credit, it may not be quite as terrible as you imagine, or it may be due to errors you can have corrected. A bad credit score is 629 or lower, while an average is between 630 and 689. Got somewhere between 690 and 719? Congrats – you have what’s considered to be a good credit rating.   

Boost Your Score 

Once you’ve checked your credit score, you can then start to find solutions. Your first step is to have any mistakes fixed as soon as possible. Aside from this, you can rebuild your credit by paying your bills on time, every time, and consider a secured credit card (which demands you pay an up-front deposit) or a co-signed card (your fellow card-holder will need to repay if you fail to).  

You should also make sure you pay every other type of bill on time, too. Though rebuilding the worst scores can take years, buying a used car can be a good way to get on the road to improving your credit.


Stick to a Budget 

Used vehicles, sold by reputable dealerships, are often as good as new, giving you a fantastic bargain beyond anything a brand-new car could get close to. However, even if you’re keeping your eyes on the used-car dealerships, make sure you stick to a budget. Assess your finances, evaluate your monthly expenses, and be realistic about the amount you can afford to spend.  

Even if you can’t financially handle a used car with all the latest bells and whistles, getting an affordable vehicle is the crucial thing. Focus on the practicalities and the necessities rather than more superficial factors.  

Choose Your Dealer Wisely 

It’s incredibly important to find a used car dealer who’s willing to work with you, in spite of your credit situation. While it’s fair to expect some rejections if your score falls into a very low level, you can still find used car dealers willing to accept a buyer in your financial situation.  

Some dealerships offer on-site financing and have relationships with banks and lending companies with less-restrictive approvals. There are reputable, high-quality used car dealerships providing reliable financing assistance that allows you to buy the car you really want.

There’s no harm in simply asking, either. Approach those used car dealerships in your area with the best reviews and testimonials, and be open about your situation. Though it might be discouraging, if you persevere chances are you may well drive away with a positive result, regardless of how bad your credit rating is. If you can take steps to boost your credit score through timely payments and correcting potential errors on your report, the dealerships will be more likely to work with you.  

Don’t Forget Fuel Economy 

You got into bad credit because of money issues. Whether there simply hasn’t been enough money to go around, or challenging situations have made meeting deadlines tough, you need to get on top of your finances to improve your rating. Good money-management is crucial, and fuel economy plays a key role in this.  

On top of the repayments to your dealership or loan-provider, fuel costs can be one the biggest expense. This is especially true if you face a long commute to and from work every day. Read up on the most fuel-efficient cars, and take your research with you when you go browsing. Even if you can’t quite find one that has the looks and the efficiency you would like, you need to focus on the practical issues at hand. Work out how much you can afford to spend on fuel each week or month, and factor this into your overall budget.   

Make Sure the Car Won’t Cost More Down the Line  

Adding the cost of extra features to your payments is a definite no-no with bad credit. You want to have as few payments going out each month as you possibly can, and if your used car looks like it may require higher maintenance costs, it may prove to be a false economy down the line. Ask your dealer for a thorough inspection of the car (reputable ones will happily do this for you), or take someone well-versed in cars along with you before you hand over any money. You should be looking for oil leaks, problems with the AC and heating systems, issues with transmission or suspension, and making sure the brakes are in full working order.   

If you have bad credit, you’re not alone, but you need to do everything you can to build your score back up. Buying a good used car with poor credit is entirely possible, but be sure to follow Eden Autos tips to secure the best deal you can.  



Top 6 Places to Take Your Kids and Go This Summer

It’s summer and the last thing you want to hear from the kids is that they’re bored. Have you tried to google ‘things to do in the summer’ and been overwhelmed by the options? We’ve been there! We have compiled a list for you of the top 6 places to take easily pack up your kids in the car and go this summer!

You can’t beat going to Philadelphia even if you live here! Being it is our country’s original capital there is so much to see and do. This city literally has something for everyone. There’s Old City with Independence National Historic Park that will entertain any history buff as well give kids a hands on experience of what the founding our country was like in 1776. It includes notoriously famous landmarks like Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell as well as many other building with stories to explore. Another classic spot is the Philadelphia Zoo! Get up close and personal with the wildlife that you can’t get anywhere else. Want to get out of the heat for a day? A museum tour is a great way to cool off and catch some knowledge. The Franklin Institute and Please Touch Me Museum are specifically kid oriented. The great thing there is always something new going on in the city and you can make up your itinerary to fit what you like. These are just a few of the many things you can come to Philadelphia to experience. 

New Jersey Beaches
Nothing is more essential to summer than going to the beach. What is great about New Jersey beaches is they are easily accessible from the tri-state area. With 141 miles of coastline you have a plethora of choices! Whether you want to go to the classics like Wildwood or Ocean City for their family friendly beaches and boardwalks. Or if you just need a quick day trip getaway to the closest beach from your house, New Jersey has exactly what you want. Pack your beach essentials and go!

Sesame Place
It’s always sunny days keeping the clouds away at Sesame Place! Another great trip with the kids is Sesame Place, located in the suburbs of Philadelphia, has a variety of entertainment and shows for kids. Even adults can share their love of the same the characters they grew up with like Elmo and Cookie Monster. You can eat with your favorite characters, see them up close and personal on the street during the parades and interact with them with personal photo shoots. There are also a variety of rides and water attractions suitable for young children as well as parents to enjoy and cool off!

Adventure Aquarium 
Looking for some water fun but not looking to get wet? Then the Adventure Aquarium in Camden, NJ is the spot for you! You and the kids can experience wild water life up close! They have brought back African Penguins especially for summer and their exhibit on Amazon piranhas is not to be missed!

New York City
‘NYC! Just got here this morning!’ That’s what you’ll be thinking when you arrive. New York has so much to offer the list goes on and on. A great favorite is to visit the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island to get a nice history lesson in about how our ‘melting pot’ nation came to be. Another great spot is Central Park as it runs straight through the heart of Manhattan. In the park, you can partake in The Mall and Literary Walk, experience the Pond and even stop at the Central Park Zoo.There are also several museums in the city so if art is what you desire MoMa has it. Another great history spot is the Museum of Natural History and the National 9/11 Museum which are amazing to experience. If you want to see the most touristy spot of New York, Times Square is it. The lights, the signs, the people it's an essential New York experience! Looking for some theater culture? Catch a hit Broadway show! Best of all, you can round out the day with a solid slice of authentic New York pizza

Tired of the city life? Bored in the suburbs? Taking the family hiking is a wonderful way to get the kids outside to explore and experience nature. The great thing is no matter where you live, if it is Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York or Delaware, there are amazing hiking trails in every state. There is everything kind of trail for everyone from the novice to the experienced. Just remember to dress properly, add a hat, grab a water and some bug spray and you are set to go. Most trail spots will have hiking guides if you need one. The best part is once you get to the top of the hike trail you can’t beat the view

Best Used Car and SUV Dealer in Philadelphia

Best Used Cars, Trucks, and SUVs in Philadelphia

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